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You can now pay your tithes, offerings, and contribution to any ministry in the same transaction.   Just click Give Now. You can also Create An Account, which will make future giving easier. If you choose to, you can also set up recurring giving with an account.

Online giving is a safe, secure and easy way to support what God is doing at Second Baptist Church of Wheaton. Thank you for your contribution.


Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why give?

Since we are made in the image of a loving and generous God, we are made to give. Giving has multiple purposes; one which is to break the hold money can otherwise have on us.
We are to give:
– To be obedient to His Word and in response to God’s goodness (Malachi 3:10; James 1:17)
– To break the yoke of bondage that money could have on us (Matt 6:24)
– To focus on God as our ONLY source of security (Phil. 4:19; Matthew 6:19-20a, 23b-33)
– To be a blessing to others (Acts 20:35)

2. What options are available for me to donate?

You can donate money directly from your bank account, or use debit/credit cards to donate. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards are accepted.

3. Can I separate my gift among current envelope categories (Tithes/Mission/Tree of Life)?


4. Is there a fee to donate online?

There is no fee charged to donors.

5. Can I set up my online donation for recurring donations?

Yes. Click on Online Giving Link and create an account to save your credit card/bank account information so that you will not need to enter it each time. It is secure and safe. SBC Treasurers or other finance team members will not have access to this information.

6. Do you provide giving/contribution statements?

Yes on a quarterly basis. However, you will be able to see your giving history in ACCESS once you are registered.

7. Can I set up a recurring contribution?

Yes. To do so, enter all of your contact information to create an account, then Click “Give Now”. Toward the bottom of the page, check the box for “Yes, set up this donation to be recurring.” Once checked, “Frequency of Donation” will appear. Check the one that applies to your pay period. See next step if you want to pay more than once per month.

8. Can I specify the day that my contribution is taken from my account?

To specify the date that a contribution comes out of your bank account or debit card each month, process a recurring contribution on the exact day of the month that you would like it to come out (see item #7 for how to set up recurring contributions). Check “Monthly” and your contribution will be processed on that day each month. If you get paid multiple times in the month, repeat these steps on your next pay day.

9. How do I cancel a recurring contribution?

After you have set up a recurring contribution, log into your account, click on “Manage Transactions”. Go to the recurring contribution that you would like to cancel, Click on the “Green Arrows” that is next to that contribution, click “Stop Recurring Contribution” Lastly, confirm that the “green arrows” are gone.

10. What happens if I submit my entry twice?

You will immediately receive an email that will show you how much has been given. You should bring the report to either of the treasurers once the funds have cleared SBC’s bank account. We will do our best to rectify the matter in a timely manner.

11. If I get an NSF after I submit my contribution will SBC reimburse me?

No, SBC is not responsible for any NSF charges you may incur for lack of funds in your account.
Steps to Set Up an Online Donations Account.
Click on Online Giving Link. Click on “Create an Account” Fill in all of the personal information requested and click on “Create account.”

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