Support Ministries:

Nurses Ministry

The mission of the Nurses is to provide care and comfort as needed to our pastoral staff and church body. The Nursing Ministry is always striving to increase membership in order to give the best assistance to the church body as possible. We also support the Pastor at SBC as well as when he is attending other churches. Nurses aid people in distress with illness, fainting, depression or any other health needs. The mission is to heal spiritually by comforting with God’s Holy word and a helping hand.

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Ushers Ministry

The Usher Ministry helps the Pastor to set the atmosphere for worship. Their primary responsibility is to supply members and guest with the necessary items to make them comfortable during the worship service and to help maintain a certain degree of order while worshiping. A church usher is a member of the church who has a willingness to swerve other people.

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Pastoral Aide Ministry

The Pastoral Aide lovingly serves the ministerial staff through prayers, financial support and encouraging words and deeds. Support is given through prayer and by whatever means necessary. The Pastoral Aide is a liaison for the Pastor in performing duties. Its mission is to work for a unified entity and harmony between the Pastor, church body and ministerial staff.

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The mission of the Media Ministry is to compliment, enhance and support SBC in effectively spreading the Word of God to individuals within and beyond the walls of the church. We develop and use various forms of media to instruct and encourage other to become fully establish in Gods’ Word.

Welcome Committee

The primary function of the Welcome committee is to greet members and guests as they enter the church. Our goal is to make sure everyone who enters our church feel that we are happy to have them, that they are very important to us and that they are a blessing.

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Parking Lot Ministry

The purpose of the Parking Lot Ministry is to bring safety and order to the parking lots. Members of the ministry are responsible for directing traffic for Sunday Morning Services, funerals and other special events.

Van Ministry

The purpose of the Van Ministry is to accommodate individuals who are not able to get to church on a given Sunday. The ministry is supported by volunteers of the church and is available upon request.

Job Bank Ministry

The job bank ministry is designed to provide helpful information to those who are seeking employment throughout the United States.

Congregational Care:

Grief and Loss Ministry

The G&L Ministry provides the bereaved with a platform to share without fear of being misunderstood, grief issues that family and friends may not understand. In turn, the G&L Ministry is an empathic listener, a social advocate to combat isolation, and one who encourages with the promises of God’s care and concern.

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Family Care Ministry

Reaching out and touching the hearts of our new members and maintaining contact with all members is the mission.

Worship & Music:

Music Ministry

Music is a very important part of the worship services at SBC. Hymns, spirituals, traditional and contemporary gospel music with Praise and Worship are rendered at each service along with other programs and activities throughout the week. Our music ministry includes the following: Mass Choir, Men’s Choir, Children’s Choir, Adult Praise Team, and Youth Praise Team.

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Prayer Ministry:

The mission of the prayer ministry is to help connect people to Christ through prayer. Its aims to lead the church in both individual and corporate prayer. We will not seek our own will through our own efforts but we will come before God with a repentant heart seeking His will. We submit to Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and we strive to obey His command that His church should be called a House of Prayer.

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Adult Ministries:

Single’s Ministry

Our mission is to learn, grow, teach and help all “non-married” individuals to understand and utilize Gods, word for everyday living. We minister to singles, divorces, widowed, separated and/or alone individuals that are 21 years and older, in need of spiritual up lifting and Christian leadership to help develop a full and productive life.

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Seasoned Saints

This ministry is the corner stone and the pillar of our every existence. We find strength and gain wisdom and knowledge as we talk about history and are taught from their past experiences. Seasoned Saints are to enhance the spiritual matters of the church and to help foster peace, love and Christian unity in the membership.

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Emerging Adult Ministry (EAM)

Young at heart handling everyday issues and strains of today’s society. Ages for EAM is 18-40 years old.

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Men’s Ministry – Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Breaking bread together in unity and in truth. The men of SBC and invited guest fellowship once a month with breakfast and an inspirational speaker to bring unity between men.

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Women’s Ministry

Our purpose is to bring women of all ages together for fellowship and growth and to reach out to our friends and family with the message of God’s love as demonstrated through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Our goal is to strengthen women by spending time in the word of God, entering the word of God in our conversations when we are together and prioritizing time for worship and prayer.

Evangelism and Outreach:

Evangelism/Outreach (E.O.M)

E.O.M is a “Faith In Action” ministry that is looking for willing workers to join us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. E.O.M. long-term goals is to work in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and the Holy Spirit to institute training sessions that will edify and build up adults and youth alike. This trail will prepare our youth for future experience in life and learning, and will assist them to continue in maximizing their potential.

Mission Ministry

The Mission Ministry works behind the scene doing what God has called us to do. We are servants who help other people who are in need. Our purpose is to carry out the commission of Christ and to let our light so shine before men that they will see our good works and glorify the father which is in heaven.

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Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry goal is to assist in rehabilitating inmates in an effort to equip them for return to society. As we work toward a spirit of excellence, we want to broaden our knowledge of how to free individuals from bondage and direct them in the path of housing, counseling, spiritual, material and financial restitution. We want to give them the basic instructions for accomplishing their goals which is found in the Holy Scriptures.

Web and Social Media

The purpose of the ministry is to bring together church members with an interest in web design and share the mission of SBC through the internet. The goal is to provide information about the church, using the World Wide Web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to support the mission of the church.

Youth Ministries:

Youth Bible Study

Ministry Scripture

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:” – Romans 1:16a KJV

Mission Statement

The mission for the SBC Youth Ministry is to train, instruct and guide our youth into greater relationship with Christ, to equip them for adulthood and greater service in Christ and for Christ in the world they inhabit and in the lives they influence.

Vision Statement

Own.  Defend.  Extend.  Our vision is to create a vibrant youth ministry whereby all children and teens will own their faith, be equipped to defend their faith and be able to extend their faith.

Youth need a place to attend to express their feelings and concerns on the pressure and the struggles of everyday life. You need a place where they feel they won’t be ridiculed because they believe in Jesus Christ. Counselors aid in character building skills. Youth are place in controlled settings and presented with real life situations and are coached on how to work through situations in a Christian manner. Fellowshipping with other youth help build confidence teaches discipline and promotes development skills. Youth learn to study God’s word through many different tools. Our youth present a holistic view on life.

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Trustee Ministry:

The trustee Ministry of SBC of Wheaton is responsible for the fiscal and material management of the church, including buildings and grounds. Its function is to support ministry at all levels to ensure accountability and faithful stewardship. The trustees act as custodians of the property of the church and take all necessary measures for it protections and management. Trustees have the duty of exercising all legal business, executing the debts and obligation binding upon the church, and the preparation and letting of all business contracts. Trustees are members of the Cabinet.

Christian Education:

Bible Study

This is where members and friends come together to learn more about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Because God’s Word holds countless layers of insight and meaning, it never grows stale. He will speak to you by bringing certain words, phrases, or verses to your attention. The more you grow in your relationship with Him, the more insights you will have into His character and how He operates.

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Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday School is to change lives for Jesus Christ by evangelizing the lost and discipling those who respond to the Gospel through our classes. This is the Great commission. We must meet the needs of the people; we minister to class members through Christian fellowship. We teach the Word of God to equip Members and Guests as Disciples of Christ. Sunday School also helps class members to find a place of service to help them grow in their faith.

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