Youth Ministry

Radical.  Life changing.  Engaging.  These are just a few words to describe the youth ministry here at SBC.  Our youth are immersed in biblical education through a variety of methods from games, crafts, discussion groups and the preached word of God!
The Youth Ministry meets:
  • Weekly on Wednesday’s for Bible Study starting at 7 pm.  Food and snacks are provided!
  • 2nd and 3rd Sunday’s of each month for Youth Church

Each 4th Sunday is Youth Sunday here at SBC.  During 4th Sunday’s our youth are enlisted to gain “on-the-job training” as they’re tasked with increased participation by leading praise and worship, altar call prayer and other functions which make up the worship experience.

Our mission is simple: Own. Defend. Extend.  This means we want each child and teenager to Own their faith, be able to Defend their faith all in an effort to Extend their faith.  We fully believe that the youth of today are the next generation of leaders, teachers, scholars, technologist, medical practitioners, humanitarians, theologians and Christ disciples!  As a result, we set high standards for ourselves as ministry leaders and high expectations of our youth.
Your child or teenager will grow tremendously in his or her understanding of the Christian faith all while gaining supplemental academic experience through occasional assignments intended to help internalize topics, lessons and concepts.  Speaking of academics, wherever possible, we seek to provide tutoring services and strongly encourage each student to strive at becoming “students of purpose” by doing all to the glory of God -including homework!
The Youth Ministry is comprised of the following functions:
  • Full service infant/toddler nursery (ages: 0 – 4)
  • Praise Team
  • Junior Deacon’s Ministry
  • Step and Praise Team
We also participate in life enriching community outreach projects to provide our youth and teens life experience in helping others at their point of need.  Each outreach effort is intended to help our youth demonstrate the love of Christ and give life to their faith through acts of good works and kindness.
Our goal is to maximize every opportunity with your child and helping him or her reach their God given potential.  Each child is precious to us and we appreciate the opportunity to have a small hand in helping to nurture a child’s talents and gifts.  Questions? Contact us at